Our Story
Our story started back in 1989, when founding member Petro Steyn decided to stay home with her one-year old baby girl. Blessed with the idea to produce a ready-to-eat healthy snack, she started making popcorn during the evenings and selling it to the work canteen. It was an immediate hit.
I Love Just Popcorn

When Petro’s second child was born in 1990, the time finally arrived to trade the corporate world for a venture on her own. This unlabelled, nameless product sold itself, and in 1995 the business was formalised into a close corporation.
Petro insisted on keeping it small and ran the business from home while the kids were at school.

She identified the need to brand the product. Petro, uncomplicated as she is, fittingly coined it JUST POPCORN. The product was analysed by the GI Foundation of South Africa (GIFSA) and rewarded with a lower fat, low GI endorsement and the brand was registered with the Registrar of Trade Marks and Copyright. The business grew to such an extent that it required a factory.

As the product grew in popularity, so did the business. Corporate clients started insisting that their stores nationwide should also benefit from this wonderful, healthy range of snacks which made Petro decide on offering her business model to others through licensing agreements. This mentality also won the stay-at-home-mom the 2007 FNB/ENABLIS Business Plan competition.


Over the years the product developed from a "nameless snack" into a nationally well-known branded snack, JUST POPCORN. In 2007, Petro's business concept was sold in the form of a licence to the first licensee for the Gauteng area and the second licence in 2009 for the Southern Cape area. In 2012 we started servicing the KZN area. All licensees function as independently owned manufacturers and distributors of the JUST POPCORN brand.


Petro ran her company on her own for 22 years, with the much needed and valuable assistance of her husband. In 2010 a friend, Amanda Cloete, made her an offer for a partnership in her business, which she accepted as she thought it was time to step down and start enjoying her life on a different level. Amanda is responsible for the day-to-day running of the business. Petro, however, did not step down as she anticipated, as she enjoys the creative side of her business too much. Amanda's involvement in running their business, PA Steyn Foods CC, (owner of the JUST POPCORN brand), made it possible for Petro to pursue different business opportunities for PA Steyn Foods in the form of product- and brand development.

Brand Development for PA Steyn Foods CC

Two exciting new, independent brands of PA Steyn Foods CC, have been launched.

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Did You Know

At events like the Annual Spar Ladies Race, Spar cancer events in Cape Town and Namibia, the Cape Town Global Diabetes Runs, etc, you just might find a packet of your favourite low GI popcorn in a goody bag.

Just Popcorn was advertised as a healthy snack to nibble on in the October 2014 issue of Woman’s Health.

We also sponsor the Bellville Track Cycling Club

Just Popcorn is a proud sponsor of the Bellville Track Cycling Club, home of the 2014/15 South African team sprint champions as well as the 2015 African team sprint champions, keirin champion, sprint champion and 1  000 m timetrial champion.